Fuzz, Fluff, and a Little Magic...

Stuffed animals make people smile, so pick a pattern, find some faux fur, add your imagination and a little extra time, and sew up a bunch of buddies to delight your inner child, or to give as gifts! And because you cleverly made them yourself, you won't have to break the bank to create one-of-a-kind cuddlies to be loved and treasured.

Handmade isn't perfect; it's better, because it's made with love!

Who could resist?

About Pennywise Patterns

I love cute things, and enjoy crafts that are easy and fun. That's why my sewing patterns are designed to be cute, quick and easy to make! Even if you have only a little sewing experience, follow the directions included with every pattern carefully, and you will be able to use any of my patterns. Your own creativity and choice of materials will make every one of these toys unique.

My patterns are all original designs, hand-drawn and tested by me, and copied for you, so please respect my copyrights. These patterns are for your own personal use, to create as many as you can sew, but please do not mass-produce my designs, as they will lose their charm. I would love to see your versions of these patterns, and hear your ideas for future designs, so please feel free to email me! If I use your idea to create a new pattern, I will send you a free pattern of that design in return.

Thank you for visiting my website!

Tips for Sewing with Fur Fabrics

Most faux fur has some stretch to it, so it can be a challenge to work with. Also, the thicker the fur, the more it will move around.

If you've never sewn with fur or fleece before, try using a low pile fur or fleece on your first project. Use a heavy-duty needle on your sewing machine, or sew the fabric by hand.

More Tips...